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The War in Iraq

The War in Iraq

The War in Iraq

As Gary Stoneking watched the news relating to the war in Iraq and witnessed the protests against it, he wondered what God felt about our invasion. . Would God approve of America going to war? . Did He desire America to intercede on behalf of the Iraqi people? . How would God view Saddam Hussein? . And how would the Lord’s name be glorified? These questions and more led Gary on a quest for answers. After months of watching the news, writing in his journal, praying for wisdom, and searching for c

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Success, Heroes and Idols

Those we admire in our society, our work and our places of entertainment all have something that comes from within and this is manifested by the greatness that they achieve.

We aspire to emulate their success and to follow them. We see their careers marked out in newspapers, television and on radio. It’s an industry. The world of heroes and idols has become big business.

In its own context there’s nothing wrong with this but it can become a difficulty when greatness of others is used as a deception for keeping yourself from the realisation of your own greatness. We use these people’s lives as a barometer to see how we will never achieve greatness ourselves. Another’s success can become a demonstration of our failure.

Success has to be welcomed in. Failure will find us.

Come to the realisation that each and every one of us has the potential to be the successful person we read about or see on our TV screens. There is no need to use the success and fame we witness our heroes and idols enjoying as something to remind us how failed our lives or our careers have been. Success is a relative state and measured on an individual basis.

It’s very important not to get caught in that trap of self-deception whereby you look around and see a world that’s full of success and then you look at what you perceive as your own failed endeavours. It is eternally important to remember that nothing is beyond you.

So can anything really exceed your own willingness to be true to yourself?

Regardless of what you witness, you must remember to refuse to change your mind about yourself and about your own inheritance of successfulness.

Do not decide against yourself but rather decide for yourself. The essence of your success is eternal and therefore it is also now.

We can very easily make a decision to forget; to forget the inherent right to be who we want to be. What we need is a greater willingness to remember. Our willingness to remember will bring us back to our reality; the reality that tells us that what we’re doing is accepting the truth; the truth of our inheritance, the truth of our ability and the truth of being that flagship of success in whatever area we so desire.

When we go the other way and place heroes and idols far beyond any point that anybody should be, what we’re really doing is denying a big part of ourselves. We live in a world where it’s hard to be perceived as a success, where being wealthy necessitates enormous amounts of money, where being good in sport necessitates huge acclaim and fame. This in turn can become an attack on the truth of who you really are.

Don’t make comparisons. See yourself on an equal par.

In business, when we see somebody who’s been hugely successful we should never use that as an attack on our own identification because that’s where we lose our identification. Do not be vigilant against the success that’s rightfully yours because that vigilance will make you afraid to remember what exactly you can be.

Success cannot suffer because it cannot attack. In essence, real achievement is never at the cost of anybody else’s hope or destiny. The remembrance of success will bring invulnerability and so we should not side with failure in the presence of hope.

The recognition of who and what you can be reminds you of the truth about yourself, rather than using idols to lose sight of your true self.

The process necessitates making yourself your own idol in your journey, in your education and in the way you view the world, remembering to be the You you want to be. Look at it calmly and logically and see for yourself the opportunities that present to you within your circumstances. Embrace those opportunities. Take them forward and make yourself the king or queen of your own world. Do not lose sight of your own possibilities, of your own dreams, of your own desires.

Remember that most of what we see is the illusion of success and what that illusion means in the context of media and the way it’s portrayed. This illusion has very little to do with the truth and who you want to be yourself.

There is no freedom in illusions, only in the truth of what you can be. Now it’s a process of deciphering what is real. Real is the acknowledgement that whatever you wish to achieve, you will achieve from that space within and not from anywhere outside.

Coming to terms with reality involves a willingness to see unreality for what it is. True knowledge and illusions do not go hand in hand and are irreconcilable. Truth in its fullness is there to be had in immeasurable amounts and to bring you to that place where you can start to achieve and you can start to focus on what you want to do. Have that right-mindedness to see beyond the illusions, beyond the idols, and to focus on the inheritance of self, which is success.

Now you’re looking to come to a place where there’s oneness of purpose and, within that, it’s much easier to plan and map your way forward without the illusions that we are daily surrounded by.

We’re not going to spend our time comparing ourselves to what, in many respects, is portrayed as the unattainable. We’re going to see ourselves as one with the purpose that we want to achieve, clearly focused on where we want to go and keeping a direction that’s based on reality and that’s based on the realisation that inherently we are successful.

We have to welcome success but failure we’ll find readily.

Doing this gives us a great platform to go forward and a great platform to focus on the changes we want to make, to focus on our decision making and how that’s going to influence our day-to-day existence and what choices we desire and what choices we want. We see ourselves not just as reflections but more as reflections of possibility and that we are possibility itself. We can be whatever we want and go whatever direction we want to take based on the oneness and based on the absence of illusion.

Now armed with a decision-making process which is not founded in illusionary idols or a delusionary self we can start to make decisions based on a grounded balance of the reality of who we are.

So wherever you are now becomes your starting point, the place from which beginning begins. This gives you a new horizon, a new outlook, a new way, having seen the potential to be and to experience who you want to be and what you want to achieve.

This is the commencement of that period of looking around you in truth, in hope and in the knowledge that purpose is now there for you to experience in abundance.

When we start to look we also start to see and that affords us an opportunity of really getting in touch with that point where we started the journey, where there was no magic and there was no attempt to do it all by mirrors, where now reality can dawn in an unclouded world.

We have a notion that our idols are something more than we ever are or could be ourselves and we use this as a way of holding ourselves back from releasing the greatness we could be if we so choose. Idols too have all the common frailties that we as individuals bear witness to. That’s why it is so sad and captivating to witness the falling from grace of the once great and esteemed. Famous people will have famous shattered dreams but in essence the self-destruction that we witness in our newspapers of these idols is nothing more than the self-destruction we are all capable of, played out in a very public way. Fame and fortune does not exclude anybody from want and personal need.

The human condition is just that and regardless of status or state the requirements remain constant. The decision making process and the lack of self belief are consistent, regardless of domain or status

When we look for something in others what we really desire to see is what we’re most lacking in ourselves. Inevitably our search is a failed exercise, as we forget to remind ourselves that the others we had chosen to seek in are just the same as ourselves, bound by the self same criticisms we know too readily and yet we are surprised when we discover that heroes and idols too are frail.

Even the idols of fame and fortune have to look within to find a true value system and a true worth for the journey that becomes their life, endorsing the belief that it’s not just circumstances that makes the completion of what you are. So be aware that it’s not only material opportunity that affords you the personal opportunity to be successful.

© Success Expert, Geoffrey J Canavan 2009

Mass Deception: Moral Panic and the U.S. War on Iraq (Critical Issues in Crime and Society)

Mass Deception: Moral Panic and the U.S. War on Iraq (Critical Issues in Crime and Society)

Mass Deception: Moral Panic and the U.S. War on Iraq (Critical Issues in Crime and Society)

The attacks of 9/11 led to a war on Iraq, although there was neither tangible evidence that the nation’s leader, Saddam Hussein, was linked to Osama bin Laden nor proof of weapons of mass destruction. Why, then, did the Iraq war garner so much acceptance in the United States during its primary stages?

Mass Deception argues that the George W. Bush administration manufactured public support for the war on Iraq. Scott A. Bonn introduces a unique, integrated, and interdiscipli


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