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Economic Recovery in Iraq

Seven years from the time the American invasion of Iraq, the U.S invasion has left a lot of impact on Iraq politics and economy. Immediately following the attacks of September 11, 2001, President Geogre W.Bush intended to lead the invasion of American invasion on Iraq. In his theory, he pointed that there was a possibility Saddam Hussein  developed the weapons of mass destruction including atomic, biological, chemical warfare nuclear. This led to the invasion of Iraq beginning on March 19, 2003. With the “coalition of the willing”, in the very first weeks, Mr.Hussein’s government was toppled gradually. After 7 years in the occupation of America, the government of Iraq was elected again in 2010 which leads to the stable society and the economic recovery.


The service business has grown back again. The typical example is New Vision cinema in Zayuna district. New Vision is modernized by imported equipments from Canada. Beside 3-D movies, the audiences enjoy steam spray nozzle, the seat moves.


Audiences enjoying 3-D movies inside New Vision cinema


In comparison with last year, the number of supermarket has increased dramatically. In the picture is the supermarket Family Center located in Mansour district of Baghdad city. This is one of the new supermarkets which sell wide ranges of products including food, candies, clothes and family stuffs.


The number of supermarket has increased dramatically in 2010 in Iraq.


The Faqma ice cream shop in Karrafa district destroyed in the bomb 2003 is open and attracts many customers. The second ice cream shop has just been set up.


Car showroom in Arasat is the brand of Chrysler (American car) in Iraq. At this showroom, it is easy to recognize some modest productions in the car industry.


Modern cars are displayed Car showroom in Arasat


Iraq stock exchange center in a hotel is located at the Baghdad center.


An Iraq investor is watching at the stock price and praying


A safeguard is holding a gun and investors are at the Iraq stock exchange center.


Mohammed Hanash Abbas intends to expand his bookshop in Mutanabi Street.


This is the two-storey Nahkla Mall supermarket in Jadriya, Baghad. Haji Thamir, the owner states that despite the results of war and unstable politics, the business goes smoothly from 2007.


Solider Ahmed Khudair is reading books in Mutanabi Street. Bookshop owners said that their business grew up rapidly within 2 years.



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I am the economic expert and analyze the economic situations in the world. Currently, I often address lectures on economic solutions to students and supply advice for companies and firms.

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