My Sons Are My Heroes

Parenting is a joy and a challenge. We’d all love to read a book which told us exactly what to do to be a good parent. How to get our kids to behave; how to make them respectful. Unfortunately, because all children are different, we run in to unique circumstances when it comes to raising our own kids.

The things I feel are crucial for all parents are to treat your kids with respect and to love them unconditionally. My greatest joy in life is being a father. I have three sons. My oldest is 30, my middle son will be 27 in August and and love them youngest is 20. They are my pride and joy, always have been. I can think of no greater calling I have had in life than being their father. Am I the perfect Dad? No. Have I made mistakes? Yes.

Many times I have had to go to my sons and ask forgiveness for things I have done wrong. We as parents always tried to raise our sons with the belief that they are not “naughty children”, it is just that sometimes they do”naughty things” just like their parents do too. Always try and separate your kids from their behavior. You love them for who they are, not what they do. Your love should be unconditional. No matter what they do in life they should not ever lose your love. Does that mean you agree with everything they do? Of course not, but you can still love them, encourage them, and support them no matter what choices they make while you give a differing opinion.

I feel sorry for Dads who don’t take time to enjoy their kids. They are too “busy” at work or other activities to take time to be with their kids. That is sad and what kind of message are we communicating to our kids? One of lack of importance. Don’t ever make your kids feel that they are not important to you. If you make a mistake tell them you are sorry and ask for their forgiveness. If they try something, encourage them, build them up.

Parents, when you feel like a failure and there is no light at the end of the tunnel, just imagine how God felt in the Garden of Eden when His kids blew it and rebelled? If the perfect Father had challenges with His kids so will you but it is worth.

Being a Dad is the greatest thing in the world. I would not swap it for all the money in the Universe.

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