The Forgotten Casualties on Memorial Day

Are we a society that has become callus to the realities of war hidden behind stats hand fed to us by the government and media stuck in our own little bubbles with blinders on woven by the ages. Memorial Day we pay tribute to America’s fighting men and women who died in battle. A day we all thank and remember all our military and veterans for their service and sacrifices for our freedoms and beliefs.

The official causality count in Iraq is now at 4082. Isn’t it time we also except and give much more attention to the rest of the casualties of this unjust war. We also have 30,329 + wounded sent home forgotten and now in a 5 year line waiting for government services.
1,000 soldiers attempt suicide a month, approx 6,500 deaths a year. Depending on how and what stats you use the totals become troubling.

We have spent billions for the war and soldiers get very good care during active duty. We offer 20,000.00 dollar bonus to sign up, education financing, health care, vet loans for kids to join the military. People constantly thank soldiers in public and show their support. Support your troops has become a constant with people in general, politicians, even the media and big business. I mean even our president gave up gulf to support our troops. This is sad but another story.

With 450,000 vets recently separated from the military 1 out of 4 are returning home with health and mental problems. Now many of the same soldiers we all supported are homeless, unable to get health care, committing suicide in record numbers, unable to get jobs, and the same people on the street, dirty, looking for food and help as people walk by and ignore them.

My son is in the U.S Army 18th Engineer Brigade 15th Engineer Battalion Schweinfurt, Germany. As a father and an American I hope we stand up and give our soldiers the support they need during and after their service to our country. Imagine where we would live and what it would be like if the soldiers from World War 2 returned home as it is now for soldiers. We pulled together as a country and gave them what they needed and deserved. Where are the billions for the forgotten? Maybe Bush should sell his golf clubs and donate the proceeds to the 450,000. Returning soldiers, that might be to much of a

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