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NEW The Iraq Wars and America's Military Revolution by Keith L. Shimko

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NEW Constructing America's War Culture: Iraq, Media, and Images at Home
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Death From Above Iraq US Military Bomb Gargoyle Embroidered Sew On Patch
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Voices of the New Arab Public : Iraq, Al-Jazeera, and Middle East Politics Today

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Special Forces Today: Afghanistan, Africa, Balkans, Iraq, South America
End Date: Wednesday Apr-25-2018 23:37:31 PDT
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Military Style Leadership in Business

What is the military role in regards to mentorship? The military treats all leaders as mentors. One of their primary roles is to mentor and train the Soldiers below them. This system provides huge tangible benefits to the entire military. By continuously mentoring subordinates the military maintains a steady stream of prepared leaders and a support structure for its new leaders. It provides a support structure for Soldiers that promotes espirite de corps, leadership, and accountability.

Mentoring is a system of training and coaching from superiors to subordinates starting at the top of an organization designed to improve employee performance and quality. It supports creative thinking, pride, and customer service. It reduces costs through improved retention, improved product or service, and improved customer service. Mentorship involves regular, consistent formal and informal counseling designed to support and improve employee performance.

Demonstrating the value you receive from your employees gives them a sense of accomplishment and pride in the company. By taking the time to mentor your employees, you give them an opportunity to give you their suggestions for the company and shows your commitment to their success.

Mentorship begins training for the next level of responsibility. If you begin training your employees for promotion before you have a vacancy, you will begin to identify potential candidates. Furthermore, the training time required after promotion is greatly reduced because they already know much of what is expected of them. This prevents the costly possibility of promoting someone above their effective level. Another major benefit of early training, is that you reinforce company values. When each echelon of an organization prioritizes the company values to the next lower level, everyone understands and values the company values.

It promotes continuity within the organization. Mentorship is more than just telling someone what they did well or need to improve on. It is a communication system that allows ideas and concerns to flow up and down the management system. This then has the logical effect of benefiting all areas of the company. If the guy on the production line notices a new use for the product, the mentorship channel allows that idea to be transported up to senior management and over to the sales team. How often does this happen? Let me answer that with my own question. Who spends the most time touching your product?

Mentoring creates stronger employees. Placing value in your employees includes helping them succeed. The power of “management” is the degree of influence that you have. A good sales manager has the ability to influence the entire sales team. This influence does no good if the “manager” is not mentoring the salespeople. However, if they take the time to help the salespeople learn what is not working and more importantly how to fix it they have effectively leveraged their time while teaching the salesperson how to correct similar problems on their own in the future.

I work with the “front line” managers in the trenches teaching them how to get things done more efficiently and more accurately, while building teams that are more productive with less supervision. To learn how I can help your business, e-mail me at or visit

Isis Pharma Neotone Pigmentation Spots – Serum

Isis Pharma Neotone Pigmentation Spots – Serum

Isis Pharma Neotone Pigmentation Spots - Serum

  • Extremely efficient in removing pigmentation spots combining 6 powerful synergetic actives which reduce their intensity and contribute to their elimination.
  • Reduces the melanin production by leaving tyrosinase in its inactive form.
  • Slows down the melanogenesis through the attenuation of the tyrosinase’s action.
  • Exfoliates the preformed melanin.
  • Made in France.

The Package includes: – One Piece of neoTONE Pigmentation Spots Serum 25 ml.

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