Moveon’s 50 Ways to Love Your Country

Moveon’s 50 Ways to Love Your Country

With more than 2 million members, the flourishing online activist group MoveOn is at the cutting edge of a new model for political activism with its ability to mobilize thousands of volunteers and millions of dollars. Best known for its recent grassroots efforts in protesting the war in Iraq and opposing the California recall election, and credited as a major player in the significant gains made by Howard Dean’s presidential campaign, MoveOn takes its message offline in this timely book that provides inspiration and ideas for becoming a responsible member of our democracy. The 50 ways range from simple ideas such as Tell a Friend about a Petition to more dynamic suggestions like Organize a Constituent Meeting. For those who feel powerless or hopeless, angry or apathetic, confused or disgusted, this clear and compelling how-to guide helps Americans become more accountable, progressive, and peaceful as it answers the question that more and more citizens are asking: What can I do?! From The Publisher:With section intros by Gail Sheehy, Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore, an inspiring collection of 50 call-to-action essays from MoveOn members around the country.About The was founded in 1998 by two Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, Wes Boyd and Joan Blades, and has a growing membership around the world.

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