IS Defector: ‘I Saw Jihadi John Kill Hostage Kenji Goto’

Sky News speaks exclusively to a former member of Islamic State who claims he witnessed the man known as Jihadi John murder Japanese hostage Kenji Goto. The former translator, “Saleh”, said…
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100% PROOF: 6 Reasons Jihadi John/Emwazi is CIA/Illuminati: Time to look at all the evidence

Time to look at all the details, and the big picture. Instead of blindly believing the American MSM. No one is saying that the Islamic State doesn’t exist, and that their members have not…
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41 Responses to IS Defector: ‘I Saw Jihadi John Kill Hostage Kenji Goto’

  • Sky News says:

    This IS defector is the only person to have seen ‘Jihadi John’ kill and
    admit to seeing it. Read our exclusive report at

  • GulhanG says:

    Lol this is a interview they just did with someone while filming in the
    turkish town, cuz the person is turkish: he keeps saying ‘yani’ = ‘so’, and
    ‘hemen’= ‘fast’

  • SabuPtolemy says:

    Well, we all wondered why the hostages all stayed so calm before they got
    murdered. The explanation this guy gives does make sense.

  • SupaKawazu says:

    Ask him does he like chocolate or strawberry milk better?

  • Jacques Bester says:

    This is such nonsense, another scam to blind the people.

  • Csaba Bánki says:

    Is it a stupid idea to think that they gave them drugs to calm down?
    That was my idea, don’t know if it makes any sense.

  • maaya111mk says:


  • Jon Kun says:

    A journalist with a small budget can manage
    interviews with top wanted men in caves around world
    But usa and Europe forces with billion dollars budget cant…
    People buy into this all time. 

  • Xendrius says:

    Biggest horseshit I ever saw. Anyone with a brain can see that guy is an

  • A Eim says:

    Lol @ Sky news: if there is no news, we will put a scarf on one of our
    interns and interview him “exclusively”. 

  • Game On says:

    looks fake -.-


    Reporter should of done him over I would of 

  • yousef05320 says:

    he said he was translator between john and the hostages …oh really john
    speak en and all the hostages …

  • Xendrius says:

    How much was he paid to make up that bullshit? I prove on my channel that
    Emwazi is CIA.

  • Cadaani Ibrahim says:

    That is just horrible. I feel sorry for those poor journalists and their

  • Francesco Rizzo says:

    Gran pezzo di merda se lo prendo io con le mie mani lo ammazzo a sto
    bastardo!!! una raffica di pugni che nemmeno in faccia mi riuscirà a

  • Dave Rostron says:

    Didnt john die a while back? Its a media war nothing more…

  • capespring says:

    I hope this is fake because if this is real they will recognize him

  • elaine nguyen says:

    Wait WTF??!!

  • Lu .A says:

    Wait, this man is scared but they do not distort his voice and then say he
    is in Turkey.

  • Vaiolet Blue says:


  • リトルミニ says:


  • benny de wolf says:
  • Aaron Kearns says:


  • Xendrius says:

    This is one the most important videos you’ll see about ISIS, help share and
    re-upload with different titles on your channel if you want the sheeple to
    see it.

  • CJ89paratroop says:

    I tweeted to isis and asked them why they don’t show actual beheadings.

  • CorditeSpear says:

    these videos are made to create public outrage, and support for the sham
    war on terror. the real beheading videos are too grotesque for media
    coverage and only show other muslims being beheaded so its not enough to
    stir public support for the wars, so these fake beheadings of good old
    western citizens, are perfect for the media to stir up jingoistic public

  • truthaddsup always says:

    Beautiful video..

    This needs to go viral! The evidence is all there, it’s irrefutable. 

  • SavedbyGrace0909 says:

    100% PROOF: 6 Reasons Jihadi John/Emwazi is CIA: The Evidence is Shocking

    Do YOU have Eyes to see and Ears to hear my Brothers and Sisters !?

    Everybody welcome to The Matrix ! … where nothing is as it seems …

    Sometimes the Truth is stranger than fiction …

    William Shakespeare. “The whole world is a stage!”

    Barack Obama: “We have a duty to ACT!”

    Time to look at all the details, and the big picture. Instead of blindly
    believing the American MSM.

    No one is saying that the Islamic State doesn’t exist, and that their
    members have not been killing and beheading people, I am just showing
    evidence that Emwazi is not an ISIS member, he’s an actor used for
    propaganda purposes.

    Anyone who has followed the videos of ISIS, and followed the propaganda of
    the MSM, will clearly see that Jihadi John, aka Mohammad Emwazi is a
    CIA/MI6 actor that the Illuminati/NWO/CIA puppetmasters use to help build
    up ISIS in order to later destroy the Assad government so the Illuminati
    can seize control of that country too.

    Emwazi is a fictional villain, that becomes clear as well if you notice how
    the American MSM treat the guy. I am tired of seeing a new fake video every
    month and these CIA staged videos making headlines all over the world
    (including swedish news, where I live).

    It is completely insane to assume that out of all the factions in the
    middle east, that James Foley, Steven Sotloff, David Haines, and Peter
    Krassig would end up missing for years, only to end up in the hands of
    Jihadi John, a guy that has never been seen with known ISIS members or in
    territory controlled by ISIS such as Raqqa, Mosul, and Tiqrit.

    Ask yourself, who was more likely able to get their hands on these people?
    The CIA who sent them there, or a group of terrorists that are being hunted
    by all states around them?

    Feel free to re-upload this (no content ID), with different titles so it
    goes viral – if you want the sheeple to see this.



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    Yashaya HaMashiach / Jesus Christ is God / Elohim !!!

  • Xendrius says:

    Feel free to re-upload this (no content ID), with different titles so it
    goes viral – if you want the sheeple to see this.

  • Michael N says:

    the 6:20 is proven fake. Abu Omar al Shishani doesnt speak english.

  • jackie McAtee says:

    dont you think that if the victim was about to be beheaded that they would
    be waaaay more emotional? (crying, begging for life, etc…) I never see
    them show ANY emotion

  • Omar Karpinski says:

    This has to go viral, Before CIA takes it down.

  • WaariGaming says:

    The evidence is overwhelming. The video did not show a singke piece of
    evidence or credible source.
    But I already kniw the excuses. All traditional media and all universities
    and scientists are in on it. Millions of people paid shills and puppets
    that all manage to remain silent.

  • truesightgrabber says:

    Well here in Russia many people were arrested for connection with ISIS.
    They had own motivation to join them, it was their choice. But anyway many
    of them died, many of them in prisons, and some of them still continue to
    fight. However, as for video editing, why not, there many smart guys
    joining them who can be studio professionals. All the need to perform a
    show is some time and money.

  • Panteras Panteralandia says:

    100% Fake – Mohammad Emwazi is CIA – The Evidence is Shocking and

  • preciousay2 says:

    Check out zeekly to upload your videos also 🙂 Well, zeekly tv would be the
    page sorry

  • Cynthia Haines says:

    I am so tired of seeing this video. It is stuck on and I can not get rid
    of it no matter what I do!!!!!!!!!!!I I would have watched other ones from
    you but this one will not go away so I don’t want to subscribe until I
    figure out how not to watch it when I do not want to!!!!!!!!!

  • Bobby Ingram says:

    If the killings are fake, where are the victims living today ? Are you
    going to have an interview ??

  • Hizqiyahu Ben YAHUDAH says:

    100% Fake – Mohammad Emwazi is CIA – The Evidence is Shocking and

  • Jason Kelly says:

    Great video, except for the David Icke part. That dude is a nut job.


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