US Army And British Troops In Iraq (Remembering Them)

US Army And British Troops In Iraq (Remembering Them)

Video made in memory of our troops.
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14 Responses to US Army And British Troops In Iraq (Remembering Them)

  • Chris Muldoon says:

    I am very grateful that this video has reached over 1.5 Million views.
    Thank you very much to all of you I hope you are all well!

  • jean soviétique says:

    don’t send your boys die for oil, it does not worth it !

  • Hadi Haridi says:

    shiiiit all those dislikes man ! people dont like american troops XD

  • S Kay says:

    *Why do you care about them? They were some dumb fucks that went to kill
    people for false pride. They wasted their shot at life on Earth. They
    should’ve been aborted. They are terrorist scum. Why remember barbaric
    savages? What would it achieve? It won’t alleviate them roasting in hell.
    Fuck them. I have no respect for murderers. I would urinate on their
    corpses whilst their families watch. They mean nothing to me. They are
    non-human. I have no respect for them cunts…*

  • ! Башка says:

    Войны без смерти не бывает. Ирак должен избавиться от американский

  • akgeronimo501 says:

    I love all the coward muslims commenting here. You keep pushing the world
    and they are going to burn you down. Just imagine if these troops had
    entered your country with the mission of destroying everything and
    everyone. You couldn’t have stopped them and your entire way of life would
    be wiped from the history books. Maybe we should have dropped a nuke on
    Mecca and started from there? You have no idea what is going to happen
    when you push too far. You will reap the whirlwind. 

  • Vinum Sabbathi says:

    They didn’t fight for freedom. They died for a bunch of rich bankers’
    If you really want to fight for freedom, then use your weapons against
    pentagon and white house.

  • Devrim D.Dersim says:

    verreckt ihr schweine….die hölle wartet auf euch….ich piss auf jeden
    toten von euch

  • TH IQ says:

    fuck american troops they are not fighting to save Iraq they are fighting
    to save their selves and to get oil

  • ozan dersim says:

    imperialists are devils.

  • hl1234561 says:

    USA and British are evils . They kill peoples in other country. One day
    they will be punished. 

  • A Mitchell says:

    man f*ck america!!! .. got people over there dying thinking their fighting
    for freedom.. while the u.s. government gets 10 million in insurance every
    time an american solider dies…but mean while the family they left behind
    struggles… america is the worse country on earth ..& the 1% ruling class
    are the biggest crooks ever..

  • hadeed swati says:

    reading all the comments below proves one thing that americans have lost
    sympathy all over this world.

  • Seba GT says:

    Americani del cazzo…dovrebbe uccidevi tutti una malattia tipo
    l’ebola….voi e gli ebrei che vi guidano…..


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